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Hi! My name is Amber Lynn, and I want to welcome you to my very humble website (I'm good at a lot of things *wink*, but web design isn't one of them, so no fancy "flash" or crazy-style graphics here...sorry!). Within these pages, you will get a glimpse of who I am: my personality, my background/where I came from, what makes me "tick", what I absolutely ADORE, and what I really don't like all that much. ;-) I am NOT a lady that you see for an hour and feel that that's all there is to see. I am complex in every sense of the word, and those complexities simply cannot be drawn out over the course of one hour, especially when I'm trying to get to know YOU at the same time! :)

I prefer to "know" my guests, and to think of them as good friends of mine. This, of course, means that I prefer to have several "regulars" over having many "clients" (ick! I don't like that word! LOL). I prefer quality over quantity, and I feel that our time together should be mutually rewarding on all levels--physically, mentally, and emotionally. I invite you to come with me...get caught up in the moment...relax...and just let yourself feel. You won't soon forget the time we spend together...and it is my hope that I will leave you thirsting for more.

So, come on in, look around, and get to know me the best you can from behind a computer. ;-) If you think I'm your cup of tea, then I would be delighted to hear from you...and if I'm not, hell, contact me anyway--I have friends that might be exactly what you're looking for. :-)

**Please read ALL sections of my website...there will be a quiz! (Just kidding ;-P ). Seriously, though--READ everything, please, because I want to make sure that I match what you are looking for and vice versa.

***About my MAILING LIST: Every couple weeks or so, I will send out an email with news and updates, as well as special offers available ONLY to those on my mailing list!! You can unsubscribe at ANY time, no questions what have you got to lose? ;-) Sign up today!***

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